Then there was two

Well it’s currently 1.14am.  My husband is fast asleep, the dog is curled up between us, my Mother is in the spare room and my nearly 2-year-old is in bed beside her.  Instead of sleeping, I’m trying to solve all my life’s problems.

Where do I begin; no money, feeling underappreciated, fat, I have mothers guilt and loss of my self-image all contribute to my late-night pondering.  I dare say I will never understand how my husband can nod off in front of the TV at 8pm nearly every single night.  He does work hard but that it not something I find at all natural.  Are these feelings/thoughts a Mother’s trait, or am I some worry wart that needs to get over herself?

I currently feel so totally out of control of my life that I don’t even know where to begin.  But I’ve heard the best place to start is at beginning…. So here is goes.

My husband, Justin, and I meet in February 2005 when I was 22 and Justin just 21. It was in a very tourist oriented town in New Zealand called Taupo (pronounced toe paw).  My friend and work colleague Anna had recently split from her long-term partner and I had also had a messy break up in the not so distant past (another story for another day).  We were hitting the town to try and cheer ourselves up and let loose.  As luck would have it she meets her future husband and father of her 3 boys that night as well.

Justin and his friend, Ryan were up for a boy’s weekend and staying at Ryan’s parents’ house.  They both lived in a small town a 2 hour drive away.  Justin had in fact meant to have been on a date with another lady but it had fallen through.

We were walking towards a well-known Irish pub and Justin and Ryan were walking in the opposite direction.  As we past each other I smiled at him which he says to this day is what turned him around and made him follow us back to the pub.  I don’t remember seeing him, I smile at a lot of people but I can confirm that we had amazing sexual chemistry and I was drawn to him from the first time we spoke.

He approached me inside the pub and we were flirting a lot and chatting asking the standard getting to know you stuff.  I asked where he was from and he mentioned a town called Waipukurau which is where my previous boyfriend said he hailed from.  I was devastated (as I was still hurting from the split) so-called Justin “a bloody Waipukurau mongrel”.  To his credit, he stayed to prove himself whilst his friend Ryan left us to it.

At some point, Anna started to cry as I tried to comfort her outside the pub, it was decided it was time to head home (no one likes to see or be that girl in the pub).  Justin was inside at the pool table, keeping an eye on us outside.  He saw us leave in the middle of his game.  He excused himself to the bathroom and proceeded to chase me down the street.  He caught up with us at the local petrol station, brought me a pie and walked us back to Anna’s parents’ house.

Her parents were away and I was staying in their bed.  He convinced Anna to let him ‘sleep’ with me in their bed.  That night was magical and I giggled like a school girl as I was so smitten.

I moved to be with Justin in Waipukurau (of all places) in January 2006.  We moved into his Mother’s and Step Fathers converted barn at the end of their driveway.

Valentine’s Day 2007 we became engaged.  We were married on 01 June 2008.  From there we moved to Perth in 2009 and our daughter was born in 2015.

This coming anniversary we will have been married for 9 years and together for 12.  After all these years, I still believe we have wonderful chemistry.  Life has changed a lot in the last 2 years but I wouldn’t swap him for the world (most days).

This blog will be more about my life, past and present, and what I’ve learned along the way.  I look forward to hearing your toughts or stories.

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